We are governed by the 6 C's of Care

We focus on delivering high class and exemplary service tailored to all our clients

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Who are we?

A registered care provider based in Bristol & South Gloustershire

Care & Supporting Staff

We have on going staff recruitment and we make sure they are compliant and competent before they work with us.

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Support to our Clients

We provide personal centered care and support to all of our service users.

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What we do - client group

Commissioned by the Social Services in South West to provide care services.

Frequently Asked Questions

More queries can be answered via info@patiencecompany.com or through the contact us page.

We provide holistic care and support to all adults with physical and mental health needs; including care in their own home, support to access the community and supported living as a service.

Our experienced staff members will work with you to personalise your support needs. You will also be signposted to relevant bodies that provide therapeutic and/or counselling services that suit you.

We are flexible based on your needs. Once you identify us as your care and support provider, we will be flexible so that your needs can be met as it's all about you.

You will be allocated with a keyworker. You will then need to send us feedback if you are happy with the service. This is to make sure that we understand and know each other on a professional level while building trust as we work together. If response from the feedback provided shows you are unhappy, we will do all we can to allocate a new keyworker.